Getting Started Guide – Using Inbox

Keep up the good work, you’re almost finished learning the basics of Process Street!

In this lesson we’re going to cover:

  • Why using Inbox is valuable to you and your team and what it is
  • How to find your way around Inbox
  • What happens if you get stuck and how to overcome those challenges
  • What is possible when you successfully start using Inbox

Estimated time for this lesson ~ 20 minutes

This lesson is part of our onboarding program. Find out more about what you’ll learn from the program when you’re getting started.

Why using Inbox is invaluable for you and your team

Inbox allows you to keep on top of your work, so nothing gets forgotten. Each time you’re assigned to a new checklist or task, or if a scheduled checklist runs with you assigned to it, or if you’ve been set a task to work on, you’ll see all of these in your Inbox.

You can work through your tasks and checklists one by one, completing form fields, adding comments and uploading comment attachments all directly from Inbox. You can snooze tasks that you don’t have time to work on right away, or complete them with a single click of your mouse. More on this below.

You can also check your team members’ inboxes (if you’re an admin or a member). This allows team leaders or managers to monitor workload between different people or groups, and reassign if needed. You can also see at a glance how many tasks or checklists might be overdue so you can support that person to get the job done. 

What is Inbox

Inbox is a great feature that allows any member of your team to see what they need to work on, as it shows all active checklists, tasks, and approvals that have been assigned to them. It shows which tasks are due, what’s overdue and also anything that’s upcoming.

It’s a great tool to help keep you and your team organized.

We recommend all of your team bookmark Inbox, as it’s the perfect place to start your working day.

How do you find your way around Inbox

Inbox is packed full of great features, some of which won’t be obvious at first glance, but that’s why we’re here – to get you using Process Street like a pro!

Search box

Use the search box to find a checklist or a task by name, or the template that they have been run from.

Inbox tab

This is where you’ll find all active checklists and tasks that you have been assigned to work on. (The word active is key here, because if you’ve scheduled a checklist but it hasn’t run yet, you won’t see it here!)

Checklists and tasks are arranged by due date in priority order, with the most urgent at the top of your screen. You’ll find anything with no due dates below this.

Upcoming tab

Any active checklists or tasks with due dates in the future will be found here. You can move items to upcoming by snoozing them (more on this below).

‘All’ drop-down

‘All’ is the default view on this drop-down, but you can use it to filter out just checklists, just tasks (or just approvals if you’re on our Standard plan). The choice is yours.

‘Assigned to me’ drop-down

This is the default view, where you’ll see everything that’s assigned to you. If you click on the drop-down button, you’ll be able to switch between different team members or groups in your organization to see what their Inbox looks like. Note that only admins and members can see this drop-down but not guests.


You can snooze individual checklists or tasks from either the center of your screen, once you hover over the item. You’ll see a little clock icon appear, which gives you a few snoozing options when you click on it:

  • Later today (moves the item down your main Inbox list)
  • Tomorrow (moves the item to Upcoming)
  • Later this week (moves the item to Upcoming)
  • Next week (moves the item to Upcoming)
  • Pick date and time (allows you to set a custom date and time for snoozing which either moves the item down your inbox, or moves it to Upcoming)

You can also use our multi-select tool to snooze more than one item at once.


When you hover over a task or checklist icon, you’ll see the icon change to a check-box. Now you can multi-select as many items as you like. At the top of the inbox, you’ll see a small menu bar appear where you can opt to complete or snooze all of your selection.

Note: You cannot complete checklists or tasks which contain required fields, stop-tasks or enforced order.

Working on a checklist or task

You can work on items in your Inbox in two ways; either hover over and click on the pop-out icon  to see the full screen version of that checklist or task, or click on the name of the item to see a condensed version of that item in the center of your screen.

What if you get stuck?

There’s a lot going on in your Inbox and you may find that you hit a few snags whilst finding your way around. Some questions you might find yourself asking are:

Where has that checklist or task gone?

If an item isn’t in your main Inbox, check in ‘Upcoming’ to see if it has a future due date attached to it. You can also use the search box next to the Inbox tab to look for it.

Maybe you’ve filtered the ‘All’ drop-down to only show tasks, or checklists? This is super easy to rectify, select All and see if it re-appears.

If you still can’t find a specific checklist or task, it may have been completed or archived. It’s easy to click the green tick mark to complete items when you’re clicking around the Inbox, and sometimes this can happen accidentally.

If you’ve exhausted the options above, then the best place to search for checklists is in the Checklist Dashboard.

Why can’t I see anything that’s assigned to me?

The reason for this could be that you’re either not looking at the correct filtered view (Assigned to me) or you’ve not actually been assigned to anything! If you know that you should be assigned to a task or checklist, it’s easy to check this in the template editor or the scheduling tool. Or you could still be looking at a filtered view of tasks or checklists instead of ‘All’.

How do I get back to the default settings?

Thankfully, Inbox defaults to ‘All’ and ‘Assigned to me’ views, so if you aren’t seeing your normal view and you’re not sure what to click on, go back to your bookmarked link to start over.

What is possible when you successfully start using Inbox

Once you have checklists running in your Process Street organization, you can use it as your main ‘to-do list’ and work through checklists or tasks in priority order.

You’ll be able to see at a glance what needs working on, if anything is overdue and if you’re a manager, what your team members need to focus on. Once you’ve bookmarked your Inbox (and ask your team to do the same) you’ll never have to search through your dashboard to find what it is you need to work on!

Case Study

One of our customers, Alarca Realty, has used Process Street to reduce human error by creating formal, structured processes and it’s given them the ability to monitor those processes in real-time.  They say that out of all the features, Inbox is one of their favorites:

“We’ve embraced [the features in Process Street] full force. They’ve just made everything much better. For example, with Inbox, each user can go to one place and see all the tasks they have due without having to open up 17 spreadsheets”

Let’s put what you’ve learned into practice…

  • Head straight to your Inbox
  • Identify a checklist by the Page icon with three bullet points on it
  • Identify a task by the Tick icon
  • Snooze one of your checklists
  • Multi-select two or three tasks (you can also complete them if you’re ready to do this!)
  • Use the ‘All’ filter to choose between tasks or checklists
  • Use the ‘Assigned to me’ drop-down to switch between team members or groups

Action stations!

Bookmark your Inbox so that you can find it easily each time your workday starts.

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