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7 Must-Know Strategies for Pre-boarding New Hires like a Pro

Strategies for pre-boarding new hiresThe first few months of employment are crucial – we get that! Well, what if I told you that it’s not the first few months you should be worried about.

Don’t get me wrong – those months are important, but you really need to think about the days BEFORE your new hire is welcomed to the team.

Yes, that’s right, folks. You need to start onboarding before your new hire has even arrived.

Please put your hands together for your new best friend: Pre-boarding.

Like with most things, preparation is the key to a successful onboarding experience. Pre-boarding is your prep time that helps you gather everything you need before your new hire’s first day. It empowers you to set a good impression and helps your new hire understand what they can expect throughout the whole onboarding (and employment process).

Long story short – if your pre-boarding is disorganized, you’re already off to a bad start and increasing the already staggering chance that this new hire will leave before their first three months of employment. I’m going to help ensure that doesn’t happen in this Process Street article.

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Why Excel Checklists Are Destroying Your New Employee Onboarding

new employee onboarding checklist template excelLet’s face it, the Excel experience is anything but memorable, which is troubling when you’re using a new employee onboarding Excel template.

Effectively onboarding your new hires brings heaps of advantages to the table. For example, good onboarding can boost employee retention by as much as 82%. The troubling thing is that 88% of companies don’t onboarding well. Couple that with the fact that 68% of new hires leave within the first three months.

You get the picture. So, the next question is this: Can Microsoft Excel new employee checklists boost your onboarding experience and reduce new hire churn?

In this Process Street article, I’m taking you through what you can get from using Excel as your new employee onboarding template tool and a few ways you could boost your onboarding experience.

This article will cover:

I’ve put my ‘special’ investigation hat on for this one (yes, I own a special investigation hat and no, you can’t touch it). Let’s get down to the bottom of this and settle the debate once and for all!
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Complete Guide to Automating Your Employee Onboarding Process with Process Street

employee onboarding process guide

Our very own Blake Thorne, Process Street‘s Senior Product Marketing Manager, walks us through a demo of an employee onboarding workflow we’ve built using Process Street.

He covers all you need from how an HR team could use Process Street to take a new hire from signing the offer letter, all the way through setup, orientation, paperwork, and system updates; basically, everything that needs to be done to consider them fully onboarded.

This article is based on the Complete Guide to an Employee Onboarding Process (Process Street Full Demo) video. If you want to see Blake walk through the whole process in full, check it out here:

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Why Google’s Onboarding Process Works 25% Better Than Everyone Else’s

onboarding processEven tech giants have humble beginnings.

In the halcyon days, when Google was making the transition from a bedroom to a rented garage in Menlo Park, it won’t surprise you to learn they didn’t have a tight onboarding process in place.

For years, Google ran on a single, sprawling spreadsheet including a ranked list of the company’s top 100 projects. The projects were confusingly graded on a scale between “far out” and “skunkworks”, and the founders handled the process with a ‘who cares’ attitude.

Since that point, everyone knows Google has made leaps, not only in the Internet space, but also in the workplace. The company is the #3 world’s most valuable brand and the #3 best employer in America. They’ve made extremely effective tweaks to their hiring process over the years, but what isn’t reported as often is their approach to new employee onboarding — the process of getting a new hire equipped with everything they need to integrate into the company culture, work effectively, and succeed.

The wackier aspects of Google’s orientation process are widely known. We’ve heard about the Noogler beanies with motorized propellers, and the Mountain View all-Noogler TGIF meetings where the founders “just come in and make some dad jokes”. The inner workings of the process, however — the parts that make it so notoriously effective — aren’t as obvious.

In this article, I’m going to run through the nuts and bolts of Google’s ‘just in time’ employee onboarding process, and some of the supporting events that happen during.

Let’s jump right in!
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Optimize Your Onboarding Process With Workflow Automation (+ Free Template!)

Optimize Your Onboarding Process With Workflow Automation headerYou’re an HR department of one (and a bit). You have a PEO (professional employer organization) for support, but basically, it’s just you handling the day-to-day.

The CEO says he needs a new role filled ASAP with a list of qualifications. Filling the role will be a challenge, sure – but it’s not the main problem.

How are you going to get this new hire up-to-speed thoroughly in as short a time as possible when you don’t have any sort of standardized structure for doing that?

Simple: Build one.

Easy for me to say, right? It’s my job to build processes; I do it all the time. And that’s true. At Process Street, we do build processes all the time. Sometimes just for the heck of it. You might even say we’re pretty darn good at it.

This means – that’s right – we’ve already built the process you need. You can thank us later. Meanwhile, check out the rest of the post and exactly how you can optimize your onboarding so everyone has a good experience:

To the process mobile!
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Reduce New Hire Churn With This Employee Onboarding Checklist

New employee onboarding checklist reducing churn

Despite many managers understanding the importance of employee onboarding, Sapling has found that 88% of companies don’t onboard well.

This is a troubling revelation when you take into account that offering an excellent onboarding experience enhances employee retention by as much as 82%.

Want to ensure you have high employee retention while also maintaining job satisfaction? I’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through exactly why good employee onboarding matters, the magic of automation, and what makes up a good employee onboarding experience. Check it out here:

Let’s dive in!
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Level Up Your Employee Onboarding Workflows With These Modern Process Management Strategies

onboarding workflowInstead of an alphabetic writing system, the Incan Empire used a series of knotted and colored strings called quipu.

Quipu are still used in South America today, primarily by herders recording livestock numbers, but experts still only have theories about how the actual Incans used their quipu way back. Some believe quipu were simple memory aids, while others point to purely numerical record-keeping. The latest trend is the theory that quipu were on their way to becoming viable alternatives to written language.


Looking at that image, I know what you’re thinking: How could a series of knots ever represent a narrative about anything?

To be fair, though, the ancient world had a lot of weird record-keeping methods. You’ve probably encountered the Celts’ Ogham alphabet, Viking runes, and the Egyptians’ hieroglyphs – because scholars have been able to figure out what those symbols mean – but there are still many – like the quipu – we don’t quite understand.

For the most part (we think), these cultures followed a predominantly oral tradition, which is why we don’t have any documents explaining their languages. Even the Romans – who loved to write things down – left us a language (Latin) we don’t actually know how to pronounce. All because no one thought about documenting their systems in a universally understandable way that would stand the test of time.

Now, hopefully, your internal onboarding processes aren’t at risk due to your CEO’s sibling overthrowing their rule or violent colonization by an invading force, but if your organization’s employee onboarding isn’t a documented process anyone could use, it’s about as useful to your company as an Incan quipu is to a 21st-century New Yorker.

HR has gone through so many changes in the past few years that it’s not even called HR anymore. The same old systems that have worked just fine up to now just aren’t going to cut it anymore. People managers need dynamic, interactive processes that are flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of both their future new hires and their current workforce.

In this Process Street post, I’m going to show you how to easily level up your employee onboarding so it doesn’t become yet another antiquated system no one remembers how to use.

Let’s get started!
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Employee Metrics: 9 Essential Data Points to Track in 2023

employee metrics to trackThomas Forstner is the Head of People & Talent at Juro – a contract management platform on a mission to help the world agree more – where he is building a human-centric, scalable People & Talent function from the ground up.

There are ton of metrics you could measure as a People and Talent lead at a fast-growth company. But tracking them all simply isn’t valuable. Instead, you should be economical and focus on a few metrics that can tell you the most about your function, keeping the rest in the background until you need to delve a bit deeper.

So which metrics do you choose to focus on, and which do you put on the backburner?

It’s a hard choice, there’s no doubt about that. However, some employee metrics are more valuable than others in terms of what they tell you and how important that insight is to your broader business strategy.

Ultimately, you want to grow your team consistently with the best talent, facilitate their development and ensure they’re fulfilled and engaged in their role at your company.

This Process Street post will explore the ten best metrics to track in 2022, including:

It’s time to track the data that matters!
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How Payroll Processors Uses Process Street’s Conditional Logic for Client Onboarding

How Payroll Processors Uses Process Street_s Conditional Logic for Client OnboardingEvery company needs HR, but not every company needs an HR department.

For those who aren’t looking to set up the traditional HR team, Payroll Processors has the solution: an entire HR department stuffed into a single platform so you can streamline all your payroll and employee management needs in one place.

Much like us here at Process Street, the folks at Payroll Processors believe: let us take care of things so you can focus on your business.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Payroll Processors wanted to focus on its business, it came to us, and so began a beautiful relationship.
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Why Excel Sucks for Employee Onboarding (You Could be Losing Millions)

Why Excel Sucks as Employee Onboarding Software-04 (1)

Employees in a well-structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to remain at the company after 3 years.” – Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 2010 Employee Benefits

1 out of 25 employees leave their new job due to substandard onboarding experiences.

In contrast, a good employee onboarding program can boost employee retention by 69% after 3 years.

Process Street is dedicated to helping our users improve their business operations, and employee onboarding is a prime focus area. On this, we’re surprised to learn that some of our customers have been using Excel for employee onboarding.

According to Harvard Business Review, companies – on average – lose 23% of their new hires after one year. A more thoughtful approach to employee onboarding can dramatically improve this statistic for your organization; and for that, we say, get off Excel.

“…a lot of B2B productivity products are competing with Excel sheets and other products that are totally not built for the specific problem they solve.” – Bram Kanstein, Tech Out Loud, The Product Before the Business by Bram Kanstein

In this Process Street article, you’ll learn why Excel sucks for employee onboarding, and why workflow management solutions offer better onboarding solutions.

Click on the relevant subheader to jump to your section of choice, alternatively scroll down to read all we have to say.

Let’s jump to it!
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