Getting Started Guide – Using Template Overview

In this lesson we’re going to cover:

  • Why it’s important to use Template Overview and what it is
  • How to use the Template Overview step-by-step
  • What challenges may arise when using the Overview
  • How you can overcome any challenges related to Template Overview
  • What is possible when you start using Template Overview

To see an overview of checklists across your whole organization, head to Checklist Dashboard

Estimated time for this lesson ~ 20 minutes

This lesson is part of our onboarding program. Find out more about what you’ll learn from the program when you’re getting started.

The template overview is there for you

By now you likely have an idea of how much easier work can be for you and your team when you use Process Street to document and manage your company’s operations. Indeed, a simple checklist packs a powerful punch.

Yet, what happens when you have hundreds of checklists running at the same time? As you collect information in your checklists, where does all the data go? With all the moving parts, how do you keep tabs on the big picture?

… Introducing the Template Overview!
{cue the dramatic entrance music}

Every template you set up in Process Street comes with a Template Overview – a visual and interactive report of every checklist you have run from a template. 

Without ever leaving the Process Street app, this spreadsheet-style summary of your checklists allows you to quickly see:

  • Which tasks have been completed in each checklist and which haven’t
  • All the data you have collected inside the checklist
  • Whether a checklist is active, archived, or completed
  • The date each checklist was created, its due date, who is assigned to the checklist, and more!

Now you can quickly access any checklist you have ever run, filter and sort for the info you need, and even export all your data to CSV for convenient reporting.

Here’s how to navigate

Access the Template Overview

  • Click on the name of the template you want to view to open it
  • In the top left corner of your screen, click on ‘Overview.’

Now Filter, Search and Report!

  • Click the labels in the header row to sort by checklist name, date created, due date, status or date completed
  • Drag and drop columns into any order you want for convenient viewing
  • Type in the search bar to locate a specific checklist
  • Use the ‘Status’ dropdown menu to filter for active, completed, and archived checklists
  • Use the assignment dropdown menu to filter by checklist assignee (by default it will say ‘Everyone’)
  • Use the Column dropdown menu to select columns you would like to see
  • Click ‘Export to CSV’ to create a downloadable report of your data

Pro Tip: Close the right-hand menu to get an expanded view of your column headings

What if you want even more insights into your data?

If you find yourself wanting even more insight as to what is going on with all of your checklists, tasks, and the information you are gathering within them, here are some additional tools you will find useful:


Every member and guest in your organization has their own Process Street Inbox. Your Inbox allows you to see exactly what checklists and tasks are on your plate at any given time, and you can also see what your teammates are assigned to as well.


You can choose to receive email notifications that inform you whenever you are added to a checklist or task, when an item you are assigned to is due for completion, when a hand-off occurs from a Stop Task and when another user mentions you in a comment. You can also choose to receive daily inbox emails, which offer a once-a-day reminder of your due and upcoming tasks.


If you find yourself wanting to know every detail about a process, you can subscribe to it and receive email notifications for every update.


What if you want to see the information you gather in your checklists in more than one place, or slice and dice it into different views? You’ll be pleased to know that Process Street can integrate with over 1500 other applications, so you can send data straight from your checklists into spreadsheets, databases, dashboards and more! We’ll cover automations in an upcoming lesson but if you’re squirming in your seat rearing to go, you can jump ahead to automations now.

Case Study

One of our customers, Wodify, are using the template overview feature, which allows users (particularly managers) to see an overview of all of the checklists run from a particular template.

“Everything is living in Process Street… and it’s a lot easier for us to manage”

case study wodify - elli rego

Alright friend, it’s time for action!

Follow the steps above to go to your Template Overview now and filter, search, and report what you’ve built. If your Template Overview is empty, that means it’s time to run a checklist! Pop back over to Lesson 3 and we’ll walk you through it.

Set aside some time to learn

In our experience, and in the experience of many of our users, if you set aside a little time each day to learn more about what Process Street can do, you’ll really start to see the benefits and the value it can add to your business.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, people didn’t land on the moon without a lot of preparation, and no-one got to the final episode of Breaking Bad without putting a fair old bit of time in first…

So what are you waiting for? Go set yourself a reminder to work on Process Street each day, make sure to set it once and set it to repeat. Once you’ve done that you can move on to the next lesson.

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