Template Dashboard

Your Template Dashboard is the place where you can create, see and manage all of your templates in one place, and any folders that you have created to store them in.

Users: Admins and Members can see the Template Dashboard, while Guests cannot. All permissions you have set previously on templates and checklists will apply when viewing the dashboard. 

What can you do with Template Dashboard?

Navigate to your template dashboard via the “Templates” button at the top of your screen.

How to use Template Dashboard

Let’s take a look at some of the features and functions within your template dashboard.

Click the “Templates” button to be taken to your dashboard.

Create templates

Click the “New Template” button in the top left of your screen. This opens up your template gallery where you can select from hundreds of premade templates.

You can also create a “New Blank Template” via the button at the bottom of the gallery, which allows you to build a template from scratch.

Create folders

To create a new folder, click on the cog next to “Home” at the top of your screen.

Next, select “New Folder”, give your folder a name and click “OK” to finish.

This creates a new folder in your main template dashboard view.

Create sub-folders

To create sub-folders, first click on the name of the folder you’d like to create a sub-folder in.

Next, click the cog next to this folder’s name at the top of your screen and select “New Folder”.

Give your sub-folder a name and click OK to finish.

Manage folders

Once you have created folders, you can manage them, or assign users to them, by clicking the cog next to the folder’s name.

Keep your templates organized by moving your templates into folders.

View checklists

To view any checklists that you have run from a templates, click the blue link next to the template’s name.

This will take you into your checklist dashboard, in a filtered view for those checklists.

Search for templates by their name, by using the search box in the left hand menu.

Note: To search for checklists, either click the blue link next to each template where you have checklists running (shown above) or head to the search box in your checklist dashboard.


To create or manage scheduled or recurring checklists, click on the “Scheduled” button from the left hand menu.

Template tags

If you have assigned tags to some of your templates, you will see them listed in the left hand menu.

Click on any of the tags to view those templates.


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