Managing Customer Success in Process Street

There are many ways that Process Street can help you manage customer success; including onboarding new clients, implementing new products, managing customer support, prompting account expansion, increasing retention, and preventing churn.

Whatever the industry or business sector you work in, or whatever your role, we have some fantastic resources to help you and your customers.

Check out some great examples in our webinar with Salesforce, and discover how they use Process Street for Client Success.

Premade templates

We have hundreds of ready-made, ready-to-use templates that you can access when you’re logged into Process Street.

Start from your template dashboard and click “New Template” to open the template gallery.

We have a category for Customer Success and you can also use the search box to look for more templates.

Learn more about the Template Gallery and using premade templates.

You can also build your own templates from scratch, by selecting “New Blank Template” from inside the template gallery, shown above.

Customize your templates

You can edit and build lots of extra features into your templates. This not only helps streamline how your processes (and therefore how your checklists function) but also lets you collaborate more effectively with customers and colleagues.

  • Task Assignments – Assign specific individuals or groups to any task in your process
  • Role Assignments – Assign tasks based on a role instead of a person
  • Stop Tasks – Enforce the order of tasks and streamline hand-offs
  • Task Permissions – Customize who can see which tasks
  • Dynamic Due Dates – Create automated and adaptable timelines
  • Approvals – Set up approval flows anywhere your process requires sign-off
  • Permissions – Decide who can see, run, edit, or build any process


Sharing & collaborating with customers

You can easily share templates and checklists with customers and invite them to work on your checklists and tasks with you.

This is useful when you would like them to review or sign off on a process you’re working on together, or to fill out details in a checklist.

Learn more about which option to choose and how you can collaborate with customers, as well as the various ways that you can share your processes with them.

For some use cases, your customers will need to be part of your organization (a member or a guest) to view templates and checklists,  whilst in other cases, they don’t need a Process Street account. These users are classed as “Anonymous” and they can only interact with your checklists in a very limited way.


Create saved views for reporting

You can create saved views for each of your customers, for key processes and for your team in your Checklist Dashboard. This allows you to quickly find any checklists that you are working on and check in on where you’re at with any of them.

For example, you can:

  • Monitor the progress each client has made in your onboarding process
  • Track how many customer support tickets your team is handling
  • Review any customer feedback forms that have been submitted
  • Check how many account reviews you have in play
  • Create client-specific views where you’re managing different processes for them

One great way to create views like this is to select one template from the drop down menu in your checklist dashboard. In the example above we’ve used our Customer support process template.

Another way to create views like these is to set a naming convention for your checklists, which will allow you to search and filter them when creating saved views.

For example, you could use the convention that you always include the client name or client reference number as part of your checklist name.


Extra resources

You’ll find some great advice on a variety of subjects in our Blog. We’ve collated some of these below which we recommend you check out, not just for the great content but because many of them include bonus templates that you can use.

Customer success

Customer support

Customer success case studies

  • How Wodify Uses Process Street to Onboard Employees and Manage Customer Success
  • How Salesforce uses Process Street for Client Success

Below are even more premade templates that you can use for a variety of Client onboarding and Customer support processes. Click on “Edit checklist” to create a copy of these templates in your organization.

Client onboarding templates

Customer support templates


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